Going Beyond the Dotted Line

Embracing electronic signatures stamps your work with innovation, integrity and unwavering accountability to your clients. This “signature” move pens productivity and security into the day-to-day lives of every interaction, one dotted line at a time.


Waiting in line at the store? How about picking up your kids from school? Use these spare minutes to get ahead of your signature work. Compatible with mobile devices and mapped with “sign here” flags, users don’t have to scroll through numerous, condensed screens to find the dotted line — simply stamp your eSignature in the pre-posted areas. And, depending on how much time you have, mobile users can continue configuring the document with stamps, shapes, redactions and more.

Yes, all this from your mobile device.

Code-Light Integrations

Need some additional support? Code-light integrations mean your TrueSign app is only a couple hours away from all the functionality you need, right at your fingertips.  

Auditable Accountability

A little ad hoc signing never hurt anyone, especially when the time of endorsement, titles and other identifiers are attached to signatures. Full audit trails support compliance efforts and safeguard proxy signing.  

Composing a TrueSign Signature

A sign-off process supported by TrueSign is simple, fast and – dare we say – fun. As a web-based, single identity provider, TrueSign simplifies the authentication and enterprise-signing process while leaving zero footprint from the user.

Just to assure you, let’s tour the TrueSign trajectory below.



A stand-alone product, TrueSign integrates with a number of applications to empower users with seamless uploads of contracts, motions, claims and all other documents into their database of choice, directly from their device. And thanks to our pre-built OnBase configuration, leveraging TrueSign in OnBase environments is even easier.
Each uploaded file or case is then presented in an envelope-style roster for 360-degree visibility into all signing projects. Hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud, TrueSign’s cloud-services environment meets you where you are for efficient and compliant document management.

One-Click Sign

With your document front and center, simply use your finger, phone stylus or signature pad to eSign your documents. Users can also stamp a pre-set digital signature to electronically edit and autograph even faster.

Yes, we said stamp. Have some fun customizing the font, color, size and even image of your “signature” stamp.

Seal and Deliver

Once signing is complete, users save a copy of their document to his/her device as the workflow kicks in, automatically delivering the endorsed documents back into your integrated system.

Ready to get started?